An update on Estimote Beacons


Hi early customer,

This is Jakub, Co-Founder & CEO of Estimote, Inc. As an early Estimote customer,
I’m emailing you to share some news on our recent progress.

Exactly one year ago we started to ship the first Estimote Beacons.
We intentionally didn’t design our beacons with replaceable battery enclosures.
We believe that switching your beacons’ batteries or plugging them in isn’t an option.
It’s the last thing you should ever have to worry about. Instead, we constantly challenge
our engineering teams to extend battery life – solely through software updates, not hardware replacements.

And that’s exactly what we’ve done. Download our most recent iOS app and upgrade your beacons to activate Power Modes. It will extend the battery life of the beacons you already own, up to 4+ years. You can learn more about improving battery lifetime on our blog.

And that’s just the beginning. Future software updates will completely eliminate the need to ever think about beacon power. If you’re having any issues with your beacons or need new silicone enclosures, please reach out to Agnes at

Your Estimote Beacons are also ready for commercial deployments in the US, Europe, Japan and elsewhere. We’ve certified with the FCC, CE & IC, as well as Apple’s iBeacon™ program and are shipping thousands of beacons daily.

If you’re ready to place a bulk order, please contact Tanuj on our business team He can also share best practices for large deployments and more information about our enterprise-grade software tools, including fleet management, security, and analytics.

To stay updated on our progress and learn about new products we are launching soon, please be sure to follow Estimote on Twitter and subscribe to our Estimote Team Blog.

If you have questions or feedback, please send us an e-mail at


Jakub Krzych
CEO & Co-Founder
Estimote, Inc.

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